About school

Calvin Klein, a famous American designer, once said, ‘The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.’ We could totally agree with him, but could also argue. Though, in this case another thing is important: the prominent designer acknowledges that proper makeup plays great role in the modern world. A hairdo is no less important, and so is artistic makeup for theater or television.

Victoria Bessarab is a creative and conceptual director of a school-studio, which was founded to help makeup artists, makeup designers, and hairstylists, who are just beginners, as well as specialists, who would like to improve their knowledge, find their own author’s style, and become high-level professionals.


Some of Victoria’s indisputable achievements are: her outstanding and perfect work in such well-known TV projects as ‘Dance All!’, ‘X-Factor’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘Baron Munchausen’, ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’, ‘The Guards of Dreams’, ‘Ukrainian Supermodel’.      Victoria was the first Ukrainian, who took up training at Cinema Makeup School, one of the best Hollywood schools. Shannon Shia, who worked for the movies ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘The Terminator’, ‘Spider-Man’, taught her making rubber mask grease. Victoria Bessarab is also the first Ukrainian, who presented her works at the prestigious international competition for makeup artists ‘Battle of the Brush’ as a part of IMATS exhibition, where she took the second place.

‘Victoria Bessarab Media Academy’ provides training programs developed on the basis of innovational techniques with lots of practice. The main goal of the School is to let the learners master the skills necessary for professional activity and work out their own author’s style. Of course, before you go ahead with practice, you will have to get some basic knowledge. But be sure, you will not just sit during the whole course with a pen in your hand. We have a model at every lesson, so the future graduates can sharpen their professional skills.

Like in any other school, we have a final exam after each course. If a learner passes it successfully, he or she receives a personal diploma that proves the qualification. Many of our graduates work on the channels already, they create images of TV program and mega-show participants.


Our teachers are highly proficient specialists, who are perfectly knowledgeable about makeup, grease, and hairstyling. All of them work on Ukrainian TV.

“Victoria Bessarab Media Academy” offers various courses, where all who are interested in beauty sphere, beginners and professionals, will surely find a perfect solution for themselves. We have both a basic course (for beginners) and a perfect mastery course for makeup artists – a course of rubber mask grease.

Modern creative makeup techniques, appliance of nonstandard elements and patterns, disclosure of all the makeup and grease secrets, as well as an opportunity to become a well-paid specialist, who can be invited for work on TV, are just some benefits attending our school will give you. We will be happy to see you at our trainings!